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Studio Circuit Classes

Cobham Pilates Studio Circuit Classes are strength and endurance focused.  This class utilises all the Pilates Studio Equipment - Reformer, Cadillac and Chair, as well as other props and equipment such as BOSU, Orbit and the Swiss Ball which lend themselves to a Circuit style class.

In the Studio Circuit Class, which has a maximum of 6 people, each exercise is performed for 2 minutes before moving on to the next station.  This allows the client to both learn to work independently (but with supervision) while having time to focus on perfecting an exercise.  As each "round" in a circuit are focused on one particular muscle group or one particular kind of movement, technique is quickly improved and endurance is built.

This is very much a strength focused class and a great addition to your Pilates schedule. A rare opportunity to experience the full spectrum of the Studio Equipment in a group setting!

Note that this class requires prior knowledge of the use of Pilates Studio Equipment.  If you have not used Studio Equipment, please contact Reception who will advise you of the best preparation for this class.