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Group Matclasses are recommended for those who have no serious injuries, who like the social aspect of a class environment and who can commit to a scheduled time most weeks.  Group mat classes are organized by ability level, from from Beginner to Advanced. All classes are 60 minutes duration unless otherwise noted.  

Matclasses use both the Pilates Mat, as well as small apparatus – balls, bands, rings, hand weights and foam rollers – to support AND challenge you.

Our range of matclasses is vast and we are confident that our offering will provide something for everyone.

*Note that we have a very flexible makeup system that allows you to swap and change classes if you cannot make your regularly scheduled class.

Leveled Classes for Targeted Results

Improver Mat Classes

Having established sound core stability, you now begin to challenge that stability with more and more dynamic movement. Improving posture is focused upon as is stamina and a stronger core.

Maximum 12 per class.

Intermediate Mat Classes

Intermediate classes incorporate “classical pilates” exercises into the class,working at a pace that establishes stamina, continual movement and ensures that every muscle of the body is both stretched and strengthened.

Maximum 12 per class.

Advanced Mat Classes

Advanced Matclasses are tough! Classical pilates is the focus as is the perfection of technique in order to ensure that the movement always comes from the deep core muscles. You need to be injury free and ready to sweat.

Maximum 12 per class.

HIP™ Pilates

HIP Pilates 50™ - HIGH INTENSITY POWER Pilates. 

A new concept class, developed by Lisa Bradshaw,  aimed at raising your heart rate and improving overall functionality,  strength, mobility and stamina,  this fast paced, 50-minute non-stop class is a must for the hardcore Pilates fan.  HIP Pilates incorporates all the stuff you love about Pilates, the flowing movement, the precision, the core focus - and adds a double shot of energy! Fast Moving, Fun and For Everyone!