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Private Tuition is for those who want a session specifically designed for their body.   Private tuition is very useful when you are just learning Pilates, when you have particular injuries or conditions that need special consideration or rehabilitation, or if you want to focus on a particular body area or a specific issue such as sports performance.

All private sessions utilize the original Pilates equipment - Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Foam Roller and small props, which offer both resistance and support allowing you to achieve a range of movement that you won’t think possible!

Why Private Lessons? 

Injury Rehabilitation

Have you recently suffered an injury or do you have a long term injury that just won't go away? We recommend private tuition if you have been recommended to Pilates by your physiotherapist, osteopath, surgeon or doctor. In all cases of injury rehabilitation, we work in conjunction your practitioner to ensure that your pilates program compliments any treatment you are already undertaking and that it is introduced at the correct phase of your rehabiliation. By teaching you correct movement patterns and creating a more balanced body and a strong core, pilates will not only help you recover from injury but ensure that you don't re-injure yourself when you return to your favorite sports or activities.  Often in the case of injury rehabilitation, you may be able to join a class after a period of time, once good core stability has been achieved and your injury has been stabilised.

Athletes - Pre-habilitation and Sports Performance

Triathletes, Marathon Runners, Dancers, Swimmers, Bikers, Tennis Players, Footballers, Riders...

Whatever your sport, pilates can improve your performance, reduce your chances of injury, quicken your recovery, allow you to play your sport later in life and most importantly to remain injury free.  Most sports by their nature, require repetitive movement using particular muscles which can cause inflexibilty and inbalances, resulting in injury. By building the body from the inside out, focusing on your deep core and your spine and ensuring your muscles are built strong but flexible, pilates can increase your performance quite dramatically and keep you healthy to compete for years to come.

Pregnancy and Post Natal

Every pregnancy is unique and therefore your program during pregnancy needs to be tailored specifically to you and specifically to your stage of pregnancy. We therefore offer pilates tuition during pregnancy via private lessons to ensure you achieve the results that you want to achieve and are as prepared as possible for childbirth and motherhood. Post-natally, we recommend at least an initial private consultation to assess your body, complete a quick "rec check" and advise you when you will be ready to return to classes. Most often, if desired, you can return to a matclass between 6-12 weeks postnatally.

Targeted Results

Many of our clients choose private lessons to focus specifically on their body and on the results that they want to achieve.  Most definitely, working on the pilates equipment in a private environment will give more targeted results in a shorter period of time.

New to Pilates

For those new to Pilates, Private Lessons are an excellent way to learn Pilates and reap the benefits in the fastest way possible.  We all learn differently, and in a private session you can focus on what you need to correct, move quickly through what you understand well, and focus on the areas where you need more work.  Many clients start with private lessons and then move to classes once they are more confident and able.