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Reformer Classes are small group classes (4 people maximum) working on the Pilates Reformer.

These classes are high energy workouts, that offer resistance and support which allow you to take your body to the next level.  Each student has their own Reformer.  We have 5 Levels, from Beginner to Cardio, ensuring that you work to your body's full potential whilst learning the exercises with proper technique so that you reach your full potential.  

As our classes are limited to only 4 students, the highest quality tuition is still provided but with the fun and camraderie of a group class!

Our Classes


Reformer Beginner is for those who have an understanding of Pilates principles but have never worked on a Reformer.  Beginner does NOT imply easy, but you are learning the Reformer repertoire of exercises and proper Reformer technique.

Reformer 1

This class is for those clients who know the Basic Reformer exercises, can manage the set up your own machine. The focus is on learning the Basic and Intermediate exercises and on improving technique and increasing strength and flexibility to prepare for the more challenging exercises.

Reformer 2

Reformer 2 Clients now understand very well the nuances of working on the Reformer. The Basic and Intermediate repertoire of exercises are familiar and the resistance and repetition is now increased to further build strength and stamina.  Some of the advanced exercises are also introduced in Reformer 2.  

Reformer 3

Reformer 3 is a High Intermediate/Advanced Reformer class where many Classical Reformer exercises are taught.  The class moves at a continuous pace, spring resistance is varied to increase the challenge and stamina is a focus. 

Cardio Reformer

A 20-30 minute Reformer Jump Class followed by a full body, high intensity Intermediate to Advanced class.  Upper body work is emphasised.  Prepare to sweat!