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Terms & Conditions

Group Classes

Group Classes are scheduled and purchased on a “term” basis, meaning that you book a particular class (i.e., Monday 910am) for the entire term, which is usually 12-15 weeks duration. If you would like to attend two or more times per week, you need to book into multiple classes in the same way.

We do offer a “makeup system” which allows you an opportunity to cancel out of your regularly booked class and book into a “makeup class” if you know that you will be absent.   This makeup system is subject to certain terms and conditions, which are outlined below.

--- We require a minimum of 12 hours notice of your absence in order to offer a makeup class.  

--- All makeup classes must be taken within the same term; they cannot be carried over to holiday periods or future terms, or exchanged for private lessons or studio credit.   

--- Makeups can be arranged in advance; for example, if you know you are missing a week in February, you can cancel out of that week and complete your makeups in January. 

---Makeup classes are offered on a space available basis ONLY.  It is the sole responsibility of the client to manage their makeups within the same term.  Classes are far busier at the end of the term than the beginning so the earlier in the term you arrange your makeups, the better chance you have of booking your first choice makeup class.  Please appreciate that you will likely need to be flexible in terms of class level, teacher, day and time in order to arrange makeups

--- If you are not able to arrange all makeup classes before the end of the term, regardless of reason, they will expire.  A unused makeup class has no monetary value.

--- The makeup system works the same way during the holiday periods, under the same terms above.  So missed classes during the Easter or Summer Holiday period must be made up during the same Easter or Summer holiday period, and cannot be carried over to the following term.

---Note that makeups are offered on a “like for like” basis.  We have 3 categories of classes which are listed below, makeups must be made within the same category.   

cover all Mat, HIP and Barre Classes.

CLASSES cover all Reformer and Springboard Classes.

 cover all Teacher's ONLY Classes. 

Private Lessons

All private lessons must be cancelled with 24 hours notice; otherwise they are charged in full. 

A Note about Block Bookings for Private Lessons. If you “block book” private lessons (i.e. same day/time/teacher each week), we ask that you kindly appreciate that both the teacher’s time and studio space is being reserved for you each week of the term.  Although we do not require block booked private lessons to be paid in advance, we do expect them to be attended each week.  As many teachers have waitlists for their regular appointments, if you find that you cannot attend your block booked appointment each week, we would ask that you speak with our Studio Manager who can arrange to book your private lessons on a week-to-week basis at the beginning of each week.  This will ensure that the teacher’s time and studio space can be utilised fairly for all clients.