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Karen Mowry

Pilates Teacher

Karen’s journey to Pilates started after her demanding career in IT consulting.  After traveling and spending long hours in front of a computer, Karen recommitted herself to personal wellness and went back to school to study yoga and integrative nutrition. This resulted in her having the opportunity to teach clients in a wellness club focused on the health of women.  It was there that she first tried Pilates, and she was quickly hooked.  She loved the way she was challenged to strengthen the deeper postural muscles and correct life-long imbalances.  In 2008, Karen achieved her BASI Pilates Certification for mat and the apparatus.  She has had the opportunity to teach in the US and in Sweden. She continues to be amazed by the magnitude of the results she experiences in her own body and witnesses in her clients.  With focused Pilates practice, Karen notes that you don’t just move better.  You also breath better, sleep better, and live better!  She loves helping her clients become stronger and more open so they feel fantastic in their bodies.  Karen believes if everyone practiced Pilates, we would be a much happier and healthier world.