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Olivia James

Pilates Teacher

Olivia danced for years from the age of 3 and danced professionally in Billy Elliot the Musical in the opening cast at the age of 13. “I still love dancing but I’m so happy I do the job I do now – it gives me so much joy to see people doing something that really helps them -whether it be improving their health and physique or rehabilitation after an injury. I love that I can keep learning new things; that’s why I think Pilates is so fantastic! I believe everybody should experience it as it’s just such an intelligent way to exercise, learning about how the body works and experiencing interesting and functional movements.”

As Dance was such a big part of her life, she is very creative and likes to share that creativity in her classes, working hard to make every class different and interesting. No two classes are ever the same with Olivia. She loves to challenge clients and help them experience what there body is actually capable of achieving!