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Our ZOOM Masterclass Series, which was an idea that sprung out of the first lockdown, has become a firm favourite for both clients and teachers alike – giving them opportunity to broaden and deepen their pilates knowledge – anytime and anywhere!

Our Autumn 2022 ZOOM Masterclass Schedule can be found below! We will be continually adding to this Schedule over the next couple of months, so check back often!

Friday4th November 2022Dianne Graci

ZOOM Masterclass “MOVING BACK”

3pm – 5pm LONDON TIME£75.00Book Now
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“MOVING BACK” ZOOM Masterclass

‘Moving Back’ gives everyone the experience of length and decompression through the movement of extension. This masterclass will progress through spinal extension, shoulder extension, hip extension and finally standing work. Pilates tends to be very flexion based (forward movement) especially in the spine. This masterclass will explore the movement of opposition and extension, or movement into our back space. Participants will leave the masterclass with a sense of greater height and freer movement. The class will be mostly movement based and suitable for clients and instructors alike. Beginners are welcome, however, we will be progressing to challenging levels in the class. Modifications will be given with the trust that participants are able to choose and stick with an appropriate level for their present frame. Let’s ‘Move Back’!

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