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Pilates is a complete and wholistic method.  What separates Pilates from other forms of movement and exercise is the technique of Pilates itself.  
Our Client Masterclasses are designed to take you to a deeper understanding of Pilates – so that you can organise and move your body in your weekly Pilates sessions in order to get the maximum benefit out of each lesson.  

Our Client Masterclasses are open to all Pilates practitioners – both Cobham Pilates clients and those clients who practice Pilates elsewhere.   An understanding of Pilates and experience practicing Pilates are required – unless specifically stated otherwise.  Many Pilates teachers also find that they benefit from these Masterclasses, both for their own understanding as well as how to apply or share that understanding with their own clients.  

We hope to see you at one of our Masterclasses soon!  

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Sunday 29th September 2019 Donna Pourteymour

HELP! I Can’t Straighten My Leg! – OPEN TO ALL

Often people think that their “tight hamstrings” are simply due to the fact that they run, or that they bike, or that they do some other kind of hamstring intensive exercise. However, sport and physical activity is rarely the cause of tight hamstrings. Even more surprising to many is that their tight hamstrings are almost always often weak hamstrings. In this masterclass, you will gain an understanding of what might be causing your tight hamstrings (it’s not the running!) and we will take you through simple and effective ways to release and lengthen your hamstrings AND the surrounding muscles (which often give more results). You will take away effective techniques that you can practice on your own to aid you on your journey to healthy hamstrings! This masterclass is open to absolutely everyone.

1030am-1230pm £75.00 Book Now
Friday 11th October 2019 Emma Burnett

The Pilates Balancing Act

“To keep your balance, you must keep moving” -A. Einstein
Balance is relevant to each and every Pilates practitioner and Pilates can provide hugely useful tools to maintain and improve balance. Most of us take our ability to balance for granted. Yet if we were to completely lose that ability the effect would be devastating. Balance is an immensely complex system that enables us to know where our bodies are in space, to maintain a desired position and execute specific movements. Many factors contribute to our ability to balance well including vision, vestibular function, musculoskeletal alignment and proprioception.
In this masterclass we will be focusing on two elements of balance that will be woven together throughout the session. On one hand we will explore repertoire that directly affects the ability to balance, like the standing knee fold series. We will also look at exercises that will help us to keep our body mechanics working optimally to support our overall ability to maintain balance, like the importance healthy foot function and also a strong and stable core. This masterclass is for absolutely all Pilates students at all levels!

1115am-115pm £75.00 Book Now
Friday 8th November 2019 Donna Pourteymour

Your Feet CAN Change Your Spine

The feet are the foundation of the entire body. We can build a strong and flexible body but if the feet are not strong and supple and awake and mobile, we are building all that body strength upon a very shaky and weak foundation. Furthermore, our feet affect our balance, our gait, and the flexibility of our entire backline, from our toes right up to our skull. This fun and practical masterclass will give you super simple, but very effective tools and techniques to keep both release and stretch your feet, but more importantly to strengthen them! This masterclass is open to absolutely everyone.

1115am-115pm £75.00 Book Now
Friday 15th November 2019 Donna Pourteymour

Sort Your Head Out

Head, neck and chest alignment affect absolutely everything in your Pilates class and even more so in your daily life. It is simply impossible to have core stability if your head and neck are not in the right alignment. At a minimum you will not realise the core stability and strength benefits from your Pilates exercises. At worst, you will injure your neck and/or shoulders, In this masterclass, you will gain an understanding of where your head and alignment should be in all positions and in all movements, and we will explore in detail how getting this alignment right, will drastically affect how an exercise feels to you and the strength and stability that you get from each exercise and from life in general. This masterclass is open to absolutely everyone.

1115am – 115pm £75.00 Book Now
Friday 22nd November 2019 Emma Burnett

Pilates Rock & Roll: Spinal Flexion & Extension

Your spine is arguably the most important part of your musculoskeletal structure. Ensuring that efficient movement throughout its range is maintained will make a difference to how you move and feel in your body every single day. In this masterclass, we will explore the backbone of a Pilates Practice: spinal flexion and extension. These are relevant to every practitioner and form an integral part of every Pilates class. After a warm up, we will look at how the spine moves and the execution of some of the most popular exercises in the Pilates repertoire. We will consider how best to prepare the body for these exercises and any relevant modifications.

1115am-115pm £75.00 Book Now
Sunday 24th November 2019 Marina Romans

Release the Knots

A trigger point ball is a must-have tool. As a therapist, Marina always recommends to my clients that they keep their bodies free of knots to avoid injuries. Sometimes stretches alone are not enough to get rid of the tightness. By using trigger point balls you can concentrate on an area in order to release deep muscle knots, relieve pain and restore range of movement. Come and join Marina for this comprehensive Masterclass where you will work on the whole body, learning the correct techniques to release that you can take this useful tool out of the class and get the benefits at home as well!

1030am-1230pm £75.00 Book Now

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