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Our ZOOM Masterclass Series, which was an idea that sprung out of the first lockdown, has become a firm favourite for both clients and teachers alike – giving them opportunity to broaden and deepen their pilates knowledge – anytime and anywhere!

Our Winter Term 2022 ZOOM Masterclass Schedule can be found below!

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Friday 21st January 2022 Dianne Graci

“Healthy Knees !”

3pm – 5pm £60.00 Book Now
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Most of the time, knee injuries are a result of poor hip and/or ankle mechanics.

Even with traumatic injuries, the knee is succumb to the function (or dysfunction) of those surrounding joints.

Join Dianne to go over knee mechanics in isolation, such as terminal knee extension, and patellar tracking. Then, we will put the knee joint back into the chain where it will need healthy hip mechanics as well as ankle mechanics to succeed! Biomechanics will be covered through movement and palpation exercises, and then we will go through a “healthy knees” Pilates mat class that illuminates the function of the hips and ankles.

Sunday 6th February 2022 Dominique Beaumont


9am – 11am £60.00 Book Now
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Boost your immunity, detoxify, cleanse and revitalize your mind and body with this 2 hour workshop focusing on exercising the lymphatic system, igniting the digestive system, increasing circulation and releasing stress from the nervous system.

Learn how to ‘Lymphasise’ to find health, freedom and flow in your life.
Together we will learn:

– About the lymphatic system (detoxification system) and how it’s linked to immunity
– About the nervous system and how to move from ‘fight or flight’ to ‘rest and digest’.
– How to activate your lymphatic system using specific cleansing techniques and
– How to support your body-mind connection to be strong, vital and healthy


Friday 11th March 2022 Dianne Graci

“Pelvic Bowl Mechanics”

3pm – 5pm £60.00 Book Now
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This Masterclass will focus on pelvic mechanics for women.


There are many stages and changes that a female body goes through. However, if we as Pilates instructors are knowledgable in the dynamics of pelvic alignment, we can follow the female pelvis through the various shifts that the various life cycles bring.


We will discuss muscle anatomy, fascial patterns, and basic biomechanics. Then, we will go through some local pelvic alignment correctives as well as integrate that knowledge into global body movement. This masterclass will cover pelvic deviations such as hip hike, inflare/outflare, pelvic tilt, and others. It will not specify puberty, pregnancy, nor menopause, however the knowledge will allow a deeper understanding of all hormonal shifts.

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