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One benefit of the pandemic was that we all embraced ZOOM learning in a way we could have never imagined before. Our ZOOM Masterclass series, which was an idea that sprung out of our first lockdown, has become a firm favourite offering for both clients and teachers alike.

We are delighted to say that they will be a permanent offering of Cobham Pilates.

Our Autumn 2021 ZOOM Masterclass Schedule can be found below!  We are adding NEW MASTERCLASSES to our Schedule every week so keep checking back!

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Sunday 24th October 2021 Dianne Graci

“The Biomechanics of the Classical Mat”

9am – 11am £60.00 Book Now
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The Classical Pilates exercises can be quite intimidating, and most of the time we are modifying the exercise for ourselves and/or our clients. Sometimes, we avoid an exercise all together, deeming it too hard. What is actually going on in an exercise such as Corkscrew? Or did you know that Single Leg Kick is one of the most functional abdominal exercises? This masterclass will cover as many Classical Mat exercises as we can, breaking down a functional biomechanical perspective. This is not your average beginner to advanced class! Instead, we will cover some little known biomechanics that you can perfect to actually improve your Classical Mat! Knowing what biomechanics are really at play opens the door to programming for so many more clients! Participants will need ample mat space on the floor, as well as some free wall space, a block, a theraband, and a Pilates overball.

Sunday 31st October 2021 Dominique Beaumont


9am – 11am £60.00 Book Now
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A fun, creative and playful take on using a prop that everyone has access to!  All you need is your body and a wall!
In this Masterclass we will:


Explore ways to assist the body to find:

Deeper stretches

Stronger releases

Easier movement


Work with the concepts of:





Play with:



Friday 19th November 2021 Dianne Graci

“Rolling on the Floor: Release Work”

3pm – 5pm £60.00 Book Now
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This class is all about self care and pure indulgence! We will use a foam roller, tigger point release ball, and a belt (or theraband will do!) to stretch, release, and melt the tension away! Dianne will give some insight into how release work actually works, and how to make it stick. But the majority of the masterclass will be spent in opening up the whole body. We will release through the lower legs that get tight from sitting as much as walking, open up hips in every plane, ease through the spine to make it juicy and articulate, as well as liberate the shoulders, neck, and head from their tension. And more! Join Dianne for a whole class of releasing on the floor!

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