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The LISA B PILATES Academy for Teachers will begin their IN STUDIO Academy Courses starting September 2021.

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Saturday9th October 2021Lisa Bradshaw

The Complete Classical Reformer

Day 1: Saturday 9th October 12pm-6pm
Day 2: Sunday 10th October 11am-6pm
Day 3: Saturday 20th November 12pm-6pm
Day 4: Sunday 21st November 11am-6pm

12pm – 6pm£750.00Book Now
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Learn the complete Classical Reformer repertoire from ‘Footwork’ to ‘Control & Balance dismount’ on this very practical and dynamic training course. In this workshop series you will learn the Classical Reformer choreography including the intention, benefit and technical precision of each individual exercise. Transitions will be explored in order to create the logical and progressive sequence and seamless flowing movement. You will also have the opportunity to discuss modifications and experiment with a variety of teaching skills and verbal and tactile cueing.    This course is ideal for the experienced Reformer teachers wishing to progress and explore the depth and richness of the classical Pilates Method.  This is an advanced level course and a solid level of Reformer teaching experience is required before attending this course. Includes:


All 4 days taught personally by Lisa Bradshaw

Instructional Video with all exercises taught & demonstrated by Lisa Bradshaw

Full Manual

Saturday6th November 2021Lisa Bradshaw

The Complete Cadillac

Day 1: Saturday 6th November 12pm – 5pm
Day 2: Sunday 7th November 9am – 5pm

12pm – 5pm£450.00Book Now
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The Complete CADILLAC course is an enjoyable and effective way to learn a detailed collection of exercises on the Cadillac and Tower, from beginners to advanced level. Whether you are new to studio equipment or wish to review and revise your knowledge, this is a great opportunity to appreciate the value of the Cadillac and master the technique of teaching the repertoire. As with all of The Academy’s courses, a strong focus will be placed on the functional application of each exercise with regards to each individual’s physiology and existing posture.


  • All 2 days taught personally by Lisa Bradshaw
  • Instructional Video with all exercises taught & demonstrated by Lisa
  • Full Manual
Saturday8th January 2022Lisa Bradshaw


Day 1: Saturday 8th January 12pm-6pm
Day 2: Sunday 9th January 11am-6pm
Day 3: Sunday 29th January 12pm-6pm
Day 4: Sunday 13th February 11am-6pm

12pm – 6pm£750.00Book Now
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This course is an invaluable introduction into the mechanical and technical elements of the Reformer. The Introductory REFORMER Course will equip you with a wide range of beginner and intermediate exercises and the tools to understand and create relevant variations and modifications. Clear instructional verbal and tactile cues will be discussed and practiced, helping you to not only communicate the repertoire but to master and fully understand the depth of the method. The Course will also help you to enhance your teaching skills in terms of observing and assessing your clients’ posture, recognizing their imbalances, strengths and weaknesses and helping to correct them with effective use of the Reformer. This is an ideal fundamental level course for those with no Reformer teaching experience but who hold a recognised Pilates Matwork certificate.  Includes:


All 4 days taught personally by Lisa Bradshaw

Instructional Video with all exercises taught & demonstrated by Lisa

Full Manual



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