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Catherine Barrand

Pilates Teacher

I am passionate about what I do and I love nothing more than to see the positive impact pilates can have, both mentally and physically, on my clients. I simply have the best job in the world.

Catherine came to Pilates having struggled with lower back pain since her early teens. Her challenging job in finance involved lots of travel and long hours sat at a desk. She tried Pilates, hoping that it might provide some relief, both mentally and physically. Amazed by the improvements she saw in her own body, she trained and qualified as a Body Control Pilates teacher in 2007.

Catherine brings her enthusiasm and passion for pilates to every class. Her ability to explain and bring clarity to every movement ensures a focussed and meaningful experience every time. She is renowned for her challenging yet light hearted classes and loves to push her clients, whatever their level, encouraging them to become stronger, whilst using her experience to help them do so safely.

Catherine has been a supervising teacher for Body Control, mentoring and coaching student teachers and her classes continue to be popular with pilates teachers looking to work on their own bodies.

She is qualified to teach pre and post natal Pilates and is also one of only a handful of teachers in the UK who is qualified to teach pilates to children.

Catherine teaches both mat and reformer classes from beginner through to advanced levels. She also teaches privately at the studio.

Catherine’s belief that pilates is for everyone, her love of the classical approach and her boundless energy means that no two classes are ever the same.