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Marina Romans

Pilates Teacher

Originally from Barcelona, Marina qualified with a Degree in Physiotherapy, which she furthered with a Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy. Marina understands how the skeleton and muscles interact as well as how to remedy a wide range of weaknesses and impediments suffered by people in all walks of life, from intensive sport to the every day wear and tear.

Marina worked in Barcelona as a Physiotherapist and then moved to Los Angeles where she trained as a Classical Pilates instructor with Jill Cassady. Over the course of four years in the USA, Marina worked as a Pilates instructor in California and Washington D.C.  She has an enthusiastic and energetic style that she picked up in the United States.

Marina returned to Europe via a 2 year stint in Edinburgh doing what she loves, which is helping people through their recoveries from injury through Pilates, Massage Therapy and Dry Needling as well as to reach their body strength goals.

Having traveled and worked with many health and fitness professionals Marina uses her unique experience in what she considers three key areas; rehabilitation from existing injury, overcoming weakness to prevent future injury plus improve posture, and finally, helping sports people to build core strength to enhance performance in their specific discipline.

Marina’s teaching style is very enthusiastic, she is full of energy and positivity, which she passes on to her clients and keeps them motivated. Marina teaches Equipment and Reformer classes as well as Mat classes, which vary in intensity but keep you working to your comfortable and safe limit.

She joined Cobham Pilates in 2018 and quickly established herself as not only an extremely popular teacher, but a teacher with both a breadth and depth of knowledge that is unique and that yields phenomenal results for our clients!