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Shelley Ormerod

Pilates Teacher

Shelley started her Pilates journey in 2010, after an ongoing hip injury failed to improve through medical intervention. She was introduced to Pilates to help strengthen and balance out her body and she never looked back.   She quickly saw the benefits of Pilates in her own body –  increased flexibility, mobility and alignment,  as well as all other aspects of her fitness regime improving, from weight training, to HIIT, to Yoga. 

She began training with Body Control Pilates and after successfully completing her Level 3 Matwork training, she trained with the Lisa B Pilates Academy in Reformer and HIP Reformer.   

Shelley believes that through the daily practice of Pilates anybody can improve their physical fitness, whether an avid fitness enthusiast or those new to exercise. She hopes to help others feel the true benefits that Pilates provides and pass along her passion and enthusiasm to her clients.